Q: What is the Employee Perk Program (EPP)?

EPP is a housecleaning service funded by employers as an incentive program to benefit employees and their families. Brought to you by American Housecleaning Company, a locally owned and operated business with a 25-year track record, EPP enables employers to cost-efficiently reward employees, retain a talented workforce, reduce absenteeism due to illness, boost productivity and profitability.
Employers may choose one of two Employee Perk Programs:

1.  The EPP Employee Benefit. Integrate housecleaning services into your existing benefits package. EPP is tailored to your organization's needs to provide basic housecleaning services for employees on a weekly, bi-weekly or custom schedule. 
Because companies purchase services for multiple households at once, they receive a valuable discounted rate. Call us to request more information.

2.  The EPP Reward Card. Employers may distribute single-use Reward Cards to employees as a Gift or motivational tool. Once pre-paid, Reward Cards may be dispensed internally by Human Resources contacts, administrative or executive assistants, or facility managers. Employers enjoy low, discounted rates when purchasing Reward Cards. Call us to request more information.

Q: How much should I expect to pay?

No single solution is ideal for every business. That's why we tailor each Employee Perk Program to suit our client's unique needs. Please call 1-855-200-PERK (7375) or go to our home page to request pricing details. An American Housecleaning Perk Program team member will be in touch with you within 24 hours or less.

Q: How can I use the Employee Perk Program to reward employees?
  • Integrate Epp as a  on going low cost housecleaning Perk into your existing benefits program. ( weekly, bi-weely or custom schedules )
  • As a Reward Card EPP uses include gifts (birthdays, holidays, weddings, births, or anniversaries), event contest awards, and incentives for goals such as sales quotas.
Q: I’m an employer and I would like to invite employees to register. What’s the process?

Employee registration is easy to manage online. Simply let your employee know about the Employee Perk Program and ask them to register online. To get started, simply click here. Once registered, we'll contact your employee, welcome him or her to the program, discuss their cleaning needs and special instructions, and schedule their cleaning appointment.

Q: As an employer, how can I get started?

Gifting and rewarding employees has never been easier!
Three options to get started:

  • Click here and fill out the form;
  • Call us at 650-322-7779; or,
  • Email us at employeeperkprogram@gmail.com.

Once we receive your message, we'll contact you within just 24 hours to discuss program benefits in more detail. We'll also walk you through the next steps in program registration.

Q: As an employer, how often will I receive a bill?

Reward cards are pre-paid purchases, but EPP Employee benefits programs are ongoing. That’s why we want to establish a payment plan that works for you and melds seamlessly with your existing accounts payable processes. While most employers are billed on a bi-weekly basis, we can design a custom payment plan ideally suited for your organization.

Q: As an employee, I’d like to know how my housecleaning service is funded?

Employees incur no cost whatsoever for housecleaning services. Instead, your employer pre-paid for the housecleaning service.


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